The proposal of GANA to solve the Venezuelan crisis

During the month of March, the Board of Democratic Unity (MUD) proposed a way to reduce political tensions in Venezuela, based on four points: 1. Regional elections 2. Liberation of all political prisoners 3. Respect for Decisions of the National Assembly and 4. Opening of a channel to alleviate the humanitarian crisis. However, after the events of April, the MUD proposal is no longer appropriate.


The ferocious repression of the regime against the Venezuelan people during the month of April (murders, tortures, mass arrests, attacks on the unarmed population, persecution, the threat of arming 500,000 militiamen and the deployment of paramilitary groups) have driven the situation to a point of no return. It is no longer possible to solve the problem through pacts and / or elections, because Maduro and his collaborators have committed publicly and flagrantly numerous crimes against humanity.


For these reasons, the Great National Alliance, GANA, proposes that the solution of the Venezuelan crisis necessarily involves the departure of Maduro’s criminal regime followed by a transitional government, which will face the humanitarian crisis, disarm the paramilitary groups, appoint reputable public authorities, clean the electoral registry, and call for general elections in the shortest possible time. We believe that this must be the new unitary demand of the MUD, of all Venezuelan citizens, and even of the international community.


In order to respect the mechanisms contemplated in the Constitution, GANA proposes the following:


1. To expel Maduro, both for his Colombian nationality and for the agreement / declaration of the National Assembly on January 9th, 2017 (President’s – Absolute absence from office) / (Abandono del cargo).


2. To dismiss Tareck El Aissami for having dual nationality (Syrian-Venezuelan) and for its links with drug trafficking and radical islam groups, such as Hezbollah.


3. The National Assembly must disobey (and renew) the rest of the public branches (Supreme Court, Nacional Electoral Council, etc.) for having been ilegally appointed in violation of the Constitution and for having been at the unconditional service of the dictatorship.


4. Since the Constitution does not establish the line of succession, after the absolute absence of the President and the Vice-President, the AN (National assembly) will fill the void – (Constitutional vacuum), by appointing a new provisional and transitional Executive Power


5. It is imperative that the institutional sector of the Venezuelan Armed Forces, welcome and support this proposal for the change of government.


6. The new Executive -after releasing the political prisoners- will be in charge of governing the country while creating the conditions for carrying out a general, manual, free and transparent election; for this purpose, the paramilitary groups must be dismantled, new public authorities must be appointed, the electoral registry must be cleaned, and an humanitarian channel must be opened to alleviate the urgency of food and medicine, while the national productive apparatus is reactivated.


GANA proposes to speak clearly to the Venezuelans and ask them to remain mobilized in the street until these new demands are met. We shall not continue to ask for elections while Maduro remains in the presidency.


Enrique Aristeguieta Gramcko

President of GANA

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