The humanitarian aid will cause a fracture inside the Venezuelan Armed Forces

The Venezuelan Great National Alliance, GANA, wants to address the Venezuelan people and the international community, at this historical moment, to send a message of hope and victory.

Since last January 23, just a week ago, when President Juan Guaidó was sworn in, wonderful things have happened. The people are united and excited around an ideal: the departure of Maduro and the return to freedom.

The civilized countries are also united, supporting Guaidó and rejecting Maduro´s tyranny. We already have new diplomatic representatives, recognized internationally. In addition, the fracture of the regime has begun to take place, with the pronouncement of officials in favor of the interim President, Juan Guaidó.

However, we cannot lower our guard, because sectors of chavismo, led by Diosdado Cabello, are promoting violence. Simultaneously, there are well-known collaborationists, who intend to promote a new dialogue with Maduro, followed by elections, without the necessary conditions. All of them are only looking to postpone the overdue outcome.

Interestingly, the military who recently rebelled against the Maduro regime in the city of Caracas, confessed to be suffering the same calamities as the rest of Venezuelans. They also denounced that the top officers are «full of money» as result of blatant corruption, while they lack housing, food and decent wages. In other words, these soldiers showed the existence of a fracture within the Armed Forces.

Considering this critical situation inside the military, it is necessary to work fast on the arrival of humanitarian aid, as announced by President Guaidó. When food and medicine arrive to Venezuela, the soldiers will have to decide whether to shoot their hungry countrymen or to collaborate in the distribution of food. We are sure that they will opt for the second.

For these reasons, GANA believes that opening a channel for humanitarian aid should be the first priority for both of the interim government of Guaidó and of the National Assembly. Likewise, our newly appointed diplomatic representatives should have as their most important mission, to coordinate the humanitarian aid with the allied countries.

For now, it is impossible to hold serious elections. For that to happen, several measures must be implemented first, including the appointment of new electoral authorities. In the meantime, it is of utmost importance to support the interim government of Guaidó.

Nothing and no one will prevent us from achieving the liberation of Venezuela. Let us move forward with faith and enthusiasm to our final victory!

Enrique Aristeguieta Gramcko

President of GANA

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Un comentario sobre “The humanitarian aid will cause a fracture inside the Venezuelan Armed Forces”

  1. ¿Por qué nadie de los habladores se ocupa de aclarar realmente que esconde esta “forma de informar”?
    Pekín dice: “está manteniendo contactos cercanos con todas las partes” y ”la cooperación entre ambos países “no debería verse afectada, evolucione hacia donde evolucione la situación”.
    ¿Qué debemos suponer?
    ¿Que los chinos (y posiblemente los Rusos) están claros que la Oposición no va a reconocer ninguna deuda que previamente no haya sido aprobada por la AN? O, por el contrario: ¿que los Chinos (y posiblemente los Rusos) están negociando apoyar a la Oposición siempre y cuando se les reconozca la deuda ilegal contraída por maduro?

    Ledezma dice: En Venezuela no habrá guerra civil porque 90% de venezolanos quiere que Maduro se vaya.
    ¿Qué debemos suponer?
    ¿”Que se vaya” pero sin condiciones, ni acuerdos por debajo de la mesa que impidan que la justicia haga su trabajo? O no habrá justicia.

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